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Eye Mask

1 Month Supply – $19.99


The Eye Doctor BASIC is the best cost-effective choice for a premium eye compress. The super-soft fabric, adjustable strap, and BodyBeads® technology will ensure that your patient receives one of the most comfortable and effective eye compresses in the market. Retains heat and cold longer than other masks on the market. The Eye Doctor mask is filled with BodyBeads® revolutionary, patent-pending technology which maintains constant moist heat for the entire treatment The Eye Doctor compress is used HOT to alleviate the symptoms of Dry Eye Disease, MGD (Blepharitis), Chalazion (eyelid cysts), grittiness, irritation, sore eyes. Use COLD to soothe the symptoms of hay fever/allergies, inflammation, tired/itchy eyes, sinus headaches, migraines One size fits all strap and super soft fabric for comfortable treatment. The mixed-size BodyBeads® conforms comfortably to the contour of the eyes. Reusable up to 200+ times The moist heat compress performs the essential first step of the 3-step eyelid hygiene procedure recommended by the American Academy of Ophthalmology and the American Optometric Association: STEP 1 – Heat the compress and lay on the eyes for 10 minutes to melt the oils blocking the glands. STEP 2 – Massage the eyelids to gently express the glands. STEP 3 – Clean the eyelids and lashes with sterile wipes. Treatment booklet included.